Sunday, 30 June 2013

Bravo Bare Legs!

Diana Vreeland put the first bare legged model in Vogue. When Jean Shrimpton arrived at the Melbourne Cup with bare legs it caused a scandal. When women go to the office in bare legs there are people who are offended by it! Other women! YOUNG other women!
Legs must be pretty special to cause so much interest and discussion and sure a good pair is worth it but, they're legs! All but the few unfortunate have them. What's the big deal?
Bare legs are very chic. When they are tanned, toned and long they are a sight to behold and they ought to be celebrated. It is unbelievable that people still think they should be hidden like some Victorian mystery.
Women are constantly being urged to reveal their bodies and then to be ashamed of them. Well the world can't have it both ways and nor should they. The female body is a constant source of celebration, admiration and objectification as well as pride and shame. There is no need to hide or scrutinise the leg, just use them.
New york women have it right, they go bare legged summer, spring, autumn and winter. They act in defiance of climate not society. They know that a good pair of shoes on a good pair of legs can't be outdone and is much chicer than a low cut top. We should learn from them.

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