Saturday, 1 June 2013

Go Bespoke

When you know what is just right for you or just what you want down to the finest detail it can be hard to find something to your exacting standards. This is when having something custom made is a joy.
A few winters ago I wanted a striped scarf in two shades of blue/grey. My mother is a talented knitter and a huge tennis fan and so she takes on a project each year when Wimbledon is on. Prior to it's beginning we went tot he amazing Wool Bar in Albert Park and found just the right wool for my project.
It took her no time at all and it was just what I wanted. Or so I thought...
The gorgeous scarf that was just what I wanted sat in a drawer for two winters unworn. It was just what I wanted but it wasn't right somehow.
In preparing for my brothers wedding earlier in the year I went through all my scarves and came across this unworn beauty. But looking at it now something struck my immediately. This scarf needed pockets!
I took it back to Mum and had her sew up the ends on both sides and I now have two very convenient pockets that I use constantly for my phone, keys and money. When I get the inevitable winter cold it will be a joy to stuff those pockets with tissues for use throughout the day.
My point is this. Just because something is just what you want doesn't mean that you got it right the first time. Give yourself time to consider it and make adjustments when you need to.
Everyone needs a team of people who are masters of clothing. Most important is someone who can sew for repairs and adjustments, you need a person who knows how to care for clothes to advise you on hand wash and when not to steam or dry clean and if you have another who can knit, crochet or embroider then you are really in luck.

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