Sunday, 2 June 2013

A Love Letter to Baz Luhrmann

When someone gives you a love letter, it's only right to give one back.

Baz, I love you too.
I have known for the past seven years that we were meant to be together. From the first time I read The Great Gatsby I knew the three of us were destined to be together, a manage a trois of creativity.
As I re-read Gatsby each year (yes, I read it once every year) I got to know Gatsby and his cohort better and with increasing intimacy and in knowing them my resolve that you were the only man who could realise them grew.
I knew that you would know that Gatsby was an uncertain hero, that his strange behaviour was not born of ego but rather insecurity. I knew also that you would know that Daisy was not a vapid fool, but a woman who had been beaten down by disappointment and betrayal and saw a chance for adoration.
Baz, every scene is a caress, each costume a kiss, every scripted word taken from the novel a declaration of your love.
No other man could have satisfied me as you have. You make every gesture, turn and utterance perfect. When I first saw you with Gatsby last night I was enchanted. I literally punched the air for my mates at times, you did it so well.
Loved it. Love you. Couldn't love it more!

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