Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Getting through winter with Pressed Juice

I need to confess my addiction.

It's Pressed Juices.

Every day I have been drinking two of these delicious juices of a morning and it feels amazing. I am the first to say I am sceptical of anything other than a healthy balanced diet. No pills, supplements or restrictions for me, just everything in moderation including moderation. But, as winter crawls along in a never-ending, cold, grey hell I was finding myself not coping so well.

A friend had recently undertaken a cleanse and spoke very highly of Pressed Juice and they have a store on my way to work so I thought, why not? The great thing about Pressed is the juices are cold pressed, fresh each day and they only have a shelf life of three days. That is news to the ears of anyone who has ever worried about how and why juice can last in the supermarket for months.

I started with the green juices (3 and 4) and they were amazing. Filling, light and refreshing I could happily drink one every day. I recently tried Green 2 and found it's not for me, 3 and 4 contain green apple and that makes it much more flavoursome.

The potassium plus is like the greatest smoothie you will ever had with banana, coconut flesh, coconut water and pomegranate. So too the anti-ox 2 tastes great with orange, pomegranate, raspberry and turmeric was a great light juice.

On a day when I wanted something lighter I had a Zest 2 with green apple, lemon, mint and pineapple which was such a light delight.

By far the greatest product has to be the coconut water. When everyone seems to drinking and talking about coconut water and every celebrity is selling one, this is THE one. Its the Chanel of coconut water. Once you have tried this coconut water no other will taste the same.

It should also be mentioned that the Chlorophyll water is excellent and for a product I have found gag worthy in the past, was totally enjoyable now.

So the juices have replaced my morning tea which was typically something sweet and naughty. The juices have flattened my belly, made my insides work and feel amazing and given me a pep that had been lacking in my winter fog. Pressed Juices is certainly worth a try and spreading across Melbourne and Sydney now.
Watch out for one!

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Mr. Selfridge's

When a book is titled Shopping, Seduction and Mr. Selfridge's it had me at 'Hello'.

When the book is turned into a television drama, I'm hooked for sure.

Mr. Selfridge's is starting in Australia next Monday and it will be a crowd pleaser for sure. It stars Jeremy Piven as Mr. Selfridge, as you would expect of Piven he plays an ambitious, obnoxious and adulterous American bringing sexing shopping to London in 1909. If you know Piven from Entourage you probably already have a love hate with his Ari Gold character and Selfridge is not so far removed.

His wife is played by the amazing Frances O'Connor who has had such varied roles over her career. She was the goddess of grunge cool in Melbourne back in the 90s when she appeared in Love and Other Catastrophes as a student at Melbourne University living the bohemian Brunswick ideal. In a far more conservative role she is equally interesting and able to instantly pull the viewers sympathy for her regarding her husbands infidelity.
As the book title suggests, this program is about shopping and seduction in pretty equal measures. It is best described as a saucy Downton Abbey as it explores gender, class, domestic violence, social norms, entrapment, sex and retail. What's not to love?

Monday, 29 July 2013

Love Willow

Kit Willow. What an amazing presence in the Australian fashion scene. She has found long term success in design in a very competitive market. Her talent with cut and tailoring is the thing that marks her apart from other designers. Both her skill and referencing in her clothes suggest that she is an old soul in design and yet her creativity and form are so very youthful.
It takes a skilled designer to create pieces that are worn equally by young and old and that look right on both ages. She has not designated herself to one arena of design. She has pieces that can be worn to the office, others for a ball and yet more to a club or bar. One thing that is consistent is that the wearer will always stand out. Willow makes clothes for the confident, the well postured and the well heeled.
Many years ago Willow appeared in a documentary series Australian Closets, in which she showcased her process. In the same series Lisa Ho spoke of the fashion industry and said that for anyone aspiring to be a designer she would advise them to do a business course because talent will get you nowhere if you don't have the skills to sustain a business. Clearly Kit Willow has both the talent and the business smarts to make her such a success.
As consumers it is easy to get caught up in names that we all know and Willow demands a place in that canon of artists. If you do know her work, it's time to start wearing her. If you're just getting to know her here, get to know her more. She has had her credentials validated by the likes of Nicole Kidman, Florence Welch and Poppy Delevigne and is stocked by the globally renowned Net-a-Porter There is little more to say when you have reached these heights

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Writ Large

One of the smallest, but greatest, pleasures in my day is opening mail. Handwritten, composed mail. Having friends scattered all over the world whom I miss dearly, I write letters. Now is not the time to discuss letter writing but an important aside from it - the size of the handwriting.
I love large handwriting.
One of my mothers friends and a lifelong inspiration to me has large handwriting. I could always tell a birthday remembrance or a postcard from her immediately from this woman due to her handwriting. It is big, bold and beautiful rather like her spirit.
I noticed recently on Instagram that Aerin Lauder also has very big handwriting and I have been thinking about it for some time.
Especially in the case of mail, I think it denotes a level of importance, not of the message, or of the sender but, of the recipient. A large addressed envelop says 'This person is important to me' It is not some discreetly addressed mail 'for you' this is 'FOR YOU' and everyone should know about it.
I am sure the wonderful people at French Navy Stationery would agree there is nothing better than great stationery and making the recipient of that stationery feel like the total focus of the senders attention, even if it was just the amount of time it takes to say 'Thank You' or 'I miss you' of any other special but important message.
It's important to walk outside the lines sometimes too and writing outside them is just as good. Don't feel constrained on the page by lines. It's your words, your life go ahead and live it. Show the world how important you are with your name write large, every time.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

I have a Girl Crush on Amanda de Cadanet

I am sure that many of you already know of Amanda de Cadanet and her amazing online profile. She is the co-creator and host of the website The Conversation which you can go to here. I discovered her some time ago when Net-a-Porter used bloggers as models for a season. I was already familiar with Garance Dore and was really pleased to see her but, they also included Amanda in the project. I took a look at her site, thought it looked interesting and bookmarked it but then forgot about it.
I know at the time I thought she was stunning looking but her message seemed to be pushing an agenda that I wasn't into. I was reading Garance daily, along with The Sartorialist and really not much more. I can say that I was pretty consumed by the superficial side of the fashion world. This in itself is ok because fashion is about incredible artists working collaboratively to produce absorbing images.
Last week while on my tram ride to work I had meant to visit another website I have bookmarked in my iphone and accidentally ended up and The Conversation. Where I then stayed for a happy and fulfilling hour watching Amanda with guests Zoe Saldana, Sarah Silverman and Busy Phillips talk about EVERYTHING. Not only is Amanda an engaging host, she is gorgeous, charming, smart, sharp and frank. She shares as much as her guests, seemingly interviewing by the motto 'don't ask someone else to do something that you wouldn't do yourself.'
Amanda is an unashamed feminist and she acts as a reminder to all women that that is not a bad thing to be and that it can compliment being funny and pretty. Since re discovering her I have spent my Saturday morning watching all the episodes and reading as much as I can on The Conversation website and really I implore you to do the same. Not only if you are a woman but if you are a man too, because if you are a smart man you will learn as much as a woman will and it will help you have enriching relationships with women and understand us a little better.

Friday, 19 July 2013

My Idea of Luxury

The word 'luxury' is so often used in the fashion industry. In the past decade the annual profits of luxury brands have been reported in mass media as well as fashion press which shows, not only an increasingly aware and intelligent consumer, but also, a keen interest in the top of the fashion chain.

For some luxury is 1000 thread count sheets, for others it's caviar and champagne for this chic lady it's membership to a private library. I am yet to find the library of my dreams, one that serves excellent food and coffee, has great, light spaces for people to sit and read, hosts salon style events and houses every book I ever wanted to read and more (obviously with a focus on fashion) but in the mean time I have found a close substitute.

The Athenaeum Library on Collins St in Melbourne is the library to be a member of. It is conveniently opposite Chanel and next to Bistro d'Orsay. It is Victoria's oldest private library and is just $99 to become a  member. They have book clubs for members and you can of course request books you are interested in. The library also offers a nice relief from the hustle and bustle of the city. Now that really is luxury.

On a less luxurious but still decadent note The Little Library in Melbourne Central really deserves a mention. It is a retail space that has been given over to a free book exchange. How wonderful that you can drop in and leave your old books for others to enjoy and pick up a new one for yourself at the same time. If you don't have a book to donate you can simply borrow a book for free and then return it when you are done. When is feeding your mind ever anything but luxury?

Friday, 12 July 2013

Why Fashion?

People in the fashion industry are always asked 'Why fashion?', a question which in itself is rather loaded with meaning (why not something more important?) and no one ever tells the real reason. Fashion Magazines!
Magazines like Vogue, Elle, Harpers Bazaar and smaller, newer magazines are the reason so many people end up in fashion. They are glossy, bright, positive, sensual and found everywhere from train stations, waiting rooms, newsagents, shops and supermarkets. Who wouldn't want to be part of such an all pervasive medium?
I have two very early magazine memories. The first is of a now defunct Australian magazine that was published six times a year with the summer issue always containing the 'In and Out' list. I recall summer holidays in Sorrento where literally everyone on the beach had a copy. One particular edition of one magazine had the power to shift the zeitgeist of a whole country. I remember the year at the end of the 80s when it proclaimed that should pads were out. There was a sense of relief that an unflattering trend was over and I recall cutting shoulder pads out of a dress that very night. I was 8 years old and I was done.
My second magazine memory was of reading a brand new issue of Vogue at the dinner table one night and my brother glancing at the cover and asking in a dismissive way 'Why are fashion magazines published a month in advance?' To which I logically replied 'So that we know what to wear next month and have time to go out and buy it. There's no point in telling us what to where now, we don't have it yet!" My entire family rolled their eyes at this point and there was no longer a shadow of a doubt that I was a fashion true believer.
What about you chic readers? When was fashion first clearly defined in your life?

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A Few of my Favorite Things...Christine

When in Melbourne stylish women go to Christine on Flinders Lane to provide them with the clothing and accoutrement they need. This boutique is an experience from the very start. It is a doorway at street level that leads you down a flight of tartan stairs to the shop below. The walls are convincingly red on my most recent visit a workman on the street was trying to subtly look inside to see what the store held. It's juxtaposition of respectability and punk had no doubt intrigued him.
Christine is like a parlour it elegantly displays bags, shoes jewellery and more as if already in your fabulous home. The artwork ranges from Warhol to contemporary modern art. The furniture is classic french with chairs offering places to try on shoes, antique cabinets housing jewellery and statues offering up trinkets like gifts to the Gods.
The red walls are distinctly Vreeland-esque and give a nod to women of style and substance.
Of course, it is the substance that makes this collection so special in Australia. Christine offers Celine bags, Anya Hindmarch, Robert Clergerie shoes, Moschino and Maison Michel headpieces.
This really is a must-go place to visit when you are next in Melbourne.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Places to go - Copenhagen

I adore Denmark and Copenhagen is divine.
I have been only once.
With my mum.
To find danish apple cake.

If you get the chance to go you absolutely should. You don't need a vast amount of time there, a week is enough really to enjoy the city itself. I can't speak for it's surrounding areas. Maybe someone else can fill us all in?
There is a fantastic sports and conference centre just near Central Station which is just brilliant. The rooms are basic and they may not have rooms with double beds (I'm not sure) but it really has just about everything you could want and more.
The breakfast is varied and plentiful with both cooked and cold options, fantastic meats and cheeses, eggs and breads as well as cereals etc. As a guest at the conference centre you can use the sports area which has squash courts, gyms, basketball courts and a doughnut shaped pool. The pool isn't great as the shape creates a whirlpool effect and thus there is not really much swimming involved in going a great distance but it is a bit of a novelty and certainly worth a dip.
The city is easy to get around walking or cycling. You should go and see The Little mermaid statue, she is very sweet. the royal palace is lovely and you are far closer here than at Buckingham, it is also nice to think of Princess Mary (a fellow Aussie) living in there.
The Tivoli gardens are so beautiful, quite kitsch but sweet and a little naive.
The Danish Design Museum is excellent and most definitely worth a visit to see the evolution of danish design in chairs, lights and materials.
There are excellent department stores with first class concessions within them.
The people are fabulous, well dressed, kind and so helpful.
It's the home of Alexander Skarsgard, how bad can it be?