Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Places to go - Copenhagen

I adore Denmark and Copenhagen is divine.
I have been only once.
With my mum.
To find danish apple cake.

If you get the chance to go you absolutely should. You don't need a vast amount of time there, a week is enough really to enjoy the city itself. I can't speak for it's surrounding areas. Maybe someone else can fill us all in?
There is a fantastic sports and conference centre just near Central Station which is just brilliant. The rooms are basic and they may not have rooms with double beds (I'm not sure) but it really has just about everything you could want and more.
The breakfast is varied and plentiful with both cooked and cold options, fantastic meats and cheeses, eggs and breads as well as cereals etc. As a guest at the conference centre you can use the sports area which has squash courts, gyms, basketball courts and a doughnut shaped pool. The pool isn't great as the shape creates a whirlpool effect and thus there is not really much swimming involved in going a great distance but it is a bit of a novelty and certainly worth a dip.
The city is easy to get around walking or cycling. You should go and see The Little mermaid statue, she is very sweet. the royal palace is lovely and you are far closer here than at Buckingham, it is also nice to think of Princess Mary (a fellow Aussie) living in there.
The Tivoli gardens are so beautiful, quite kitsch but sweet and a little naive.
The Danish Design Museum is excellent and most definitely worth a visit to see the evolution of danish design in chairs, lights and materials.
There are excellent department stores with first class concessions within them.
The people are fabulous, well dressed, kind and so helpful.
It's the home of Alexander Skarsgard, how bad can it be?

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