Monday, 29 July 2013

Love Willow

Kit Willow. What an amazing presence in the Australian fashion scene. She has found long term success in design in a very competitive market. Her talent with cut and tailoring is the thing that marks her apart from other designers. Both her skill and referencing in her clothes suggest that she is an old soul in design and yet her creativity and form are so very youthful.
It takes a skilled designer to create pieces that are worn equally by young and old and that look right on both ages. She has not designated herself to one arena of design. She has pieces that can be worn to the office, others for a ball and yet more to a club or bar. One thing that is consistent is that the wearer will always stand out. Willow makes clothes for the confident, the well postured and the well heeled.
Many years ago Willow appeared in a documentary series Australian Closets, in which she showcased her process. In the same series Lisa Ho spoke of the fashion industry and said that for anyone aspiring to be a designer she would advise them to do a business course because talent will get you nowhere if you don't have the skills to sustain a business. Clearly Kit Willow has both the talent and the business smarts to make her such a success.
As consumers it is easy to get caught up in names that we all know and Willow demands a place in that canon of artists. If you do know her work, it's time to start wearing her. If you're just getting to know her here, get to know her more. She has had her credentials validated by the likes of Nicole Kidman, Florence Welch and Poppy Delevigne and is stocked by the globally renowned Net-a-Porter There is little more to say when you have reached these heights

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