Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Getting through winter with Pressed Juice

I need to confess my addiction.

It's Pressed Juices.

Every day I have been drinking two of these delicious juices of a morning and it feels amazing. I am the first to say I am sceptical of anything other than a healthy balanced diet. No pills, supplements or restrictions for me, just everything in moderation including moderation. But, as winter crawls along in a never-ending, cold, grey hell I was finding myself not coping so well.

A friend had recently undertaken a cleanse and spoke very highly of Pressed Juice and they have a store on my way to work so I thought, why not? The great thing about Pressed is the juices are cold pressed, fresh each day and they only have a shelf life of three days. That is news to the ears of anyone who has ever worried about how and why juice can last in the supermarket for months.

I started with the green juices (3 and 4) and they were amazing. Filling, light and refreshing I could happily drink one every day. I recently tried Green 2 and found it's not for me, 3 and 4 contain green apple and that makes it much more flavoursome.

The potassium plus is like the greatest smoothie you will ever had with banana, coconut flesh, coconut water and pomegranate. So too the anti-ox 2 tastes great with orange, pomegranate, raspberry and turmeric was a great light juice.

On a day when I wanted something lighter I had a Zest 2 with green apple, lemon, mint and pineapple which was such a light delight.

By far the greatest product has to be the coconut water. When everyone seems to drinking and talking about coconut water and every celebrity is selling one, this is THE one. Its the Chanel of coconut water. Once you have tried this coconut water no other will taste the same.

It should also be mentioned that the Chlorophyll water is excellent and for a product I have found gag worthy in the past, was totally enjoyable now.

So the juices have replaced my morning tea which was typically something sweet and naughty. The juices have flattened my belly, made my insides work and feel amazing and given me a pep that had been lacking in my winter fog. Pressed Juices is certainly worth a try and spreading across Melbourne and Sydney now.
Watch out for one!

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