Saturday, 27 July 2013

I have a Girl Crush on Amanda de Cadanet

I am sure that many of you already know of Amanda de Cadanet and her amazing online profile. She is the co-creator and host of the website The Conversation which you can go to here. I discovered her some time ago when Net-a-Porter used bloggers as models for a season. I was already familiar with Garance Dore and was really pleased to see her but, they also included Amanda in the project. I took a look at her site, thought it looked interesting and bookmarked it but then forgot about it.
I know at the time I thought she was stunning looking but her message seemed to be pushing an agenda that I wasn't into. I was reading Garance daily, along with The Sartorialist and really not much more. I can say that I was pretty consumed by the superficial side of the fashion world. This in itself is ok because fashion is about incredible artists working collaboratively to produce absorbing images.
Last week while on my tram ride to work I had meant to visit another website I have bookmarked in my iphone and accidentally ended up and The Conversation. Where I then stayed for a happy and fulfilling hour watching Amanda with guests Zoe Saldana, Sarah Silverman and Busy Phillips talk about EVERYTHING. Not only is Amanda an engaging host, she is gorgeous, charming, smart, sharp and frank. She shares as much as her guests, seemingly interviewing by the motto 'don't ask someone else to do something that you wouldn't do yourself.'
Amanda is an unashamed feminist and she acts as a reminder to all women that that is not a bad thing to be and that it can compliment being funny and pretty. Since re discovering her I have spent my Saturday morning watching all the episodes and reading as much as I can on The Conversation website and really I implore you to do the same. Not only if you are a woman but if you are a man too, because if you are a smart man you will learn as much as a woman will and it will help you have enriching relationships with women and understand us a little better.

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