Sunday, 28 July 2013

Writ Large

One of the smallest, but greatest, pleasures in my day is opening mail. Handwritten, composed mail. Having friends scattered all over the world whom I miss dearly, I write letters. Now is not the time to discuss letter writing but an important aside from it - the size of the handwriting.
I love large handwriting.
One of my mothers friends and a lifelong inspiration to me has large handwriting. I could always tell a birthday remembrance or a postcard from her immediately from this woman due to her handwriting. It is big, bold and beautiful rather like her spirit.
I noticed recently on Instagram that Aerin Lauder also has very big handwriting and I have been thinking about it for some time.
Especially in the case of mail, I think it denotes a level of importance, not of the message, or of the sender but, of the recipient. A large addressed envelop says 'This person is important to me' It is not some discreetly addressed mail 'for you' this is 'FOR YOU' and everyone should know about it.
I am sure the wonderful people at French Navy Stationery would agree there is nothing better than great stationery and making the recipient of that stationery feel like the total focus of the senders attention, even if it was just the amount of time it takes to say 'Thank You' or 'I miss you' of any other special but important message.
It's important to walk outside the lines sometimes too and writing outside them is just as good. Don't feel constrained on the page by lines. It's your words, your life go ahead and live it. Show the world how important you are with your name write large, every time.

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