Monday, 5 August 2013

Love Karen Walker

Karen Walker has created an amazing brand known all over the world. She is the creative vision behind her own clothing line, diffusion line for Myer, shoes, jewellery and eye wear. Her iconic runaway girl is recognized as a symbol of feminine freedom and a lack of pretension, she offers women a sophisticated wardrobe with a distinctly unaffected vibe.
Her latest collection is truly something to see. Walker has developed a distinct shape and movement to her clothes which run consistently across her line and yet with each new incarnation there is renewed interest and perspective. As a wearer you don't tire of her and become too comfortable with the work because there is always a fresh idea being explored yet reliably underpinned by that very essential Karen Walker-ness.
Take for example the black dress below. Open first glance it is a simple black dress but, the flare at the hip is slightly more generous than usual to give a more indulgent shape. The cut at the shoulder sits just so to reveal what must be acknowledged as a very sensual part of a woman. There is perfection in the simplicity.
 I can't stop loving this next dress. Firstly, it's a dress. I could live my entire life in a wardrobe of dresses (and for a week did so for this blog). In this one I imagine myself at the end of a hot summers days wandering down the street for a mojito in a pile of silver bangles and a scarf on my head. The free, breezy cut is classic Karen Walker. The cutout is sexy little feature. It has pockets (the best dresses do). It is so open at the arm it has a sportiness to it. Love.

 I will never stop loving a spot. Not even when I am 102. So this dress is for me. In fact, I may buy it now and still be wearing it at 102. That is what is so lovely about Walkers clothes, they reference other eras and thus can still live outside their own. I will wear it now with giant heels and when my hair goes grey I will have fabulous flats to pop out in. My hair will be pink, you'll see.

But why not? Walker breaks rules. I think without knowing her that she would love an octogenarian with pink hair wearing her dress. I can't think of a more discerning client nor a more fabulous life to seize the runaway girl within and fly in the face of our self imposed rules.

Please note: The images come from the Karen Walker Look book and are not the work of Chic Exchange.

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