Sunday, 11 August 2013

Jacques Reymond

Something very special happened to me yesterday. I had dinner at Jacques Reymond. Probably considered the greatest French restaurant in Melbourne it has a big reputation. Jacques himself has helped and challenged the aspiring chefs on Masterchef Australia many times and he always seems kind, encouraging and dedicated to his food.
The food last night proved this appearance to be much more than skin deep. the degustation menu is certainly the best option as it allows you to taste ALL of Jacques talent. Not all the courses are included her but the photos show the masters work. On this particular evening Jacques was in the kitchen and my friends and I got to meet him, go into the kitchen with him and ask him a few questions.
Without wanting to sound like a silly fan, it was a very exciting night and Jacques was so lovely to my friends and I we will always be grateful to he and his staff.
Jacques told us that the menu changes only twice a year, that any more than that is unnecessary when you have the right ingredients. He also shared with us that in creating a new menu it can be a timely process and that for days his work will come to nothing. Then, his senses will be inspired and in a day four or five courses will evolve. He tells that it is equally sensory and mental when he is in the creation phase but, that it always comes back to the ingredients on offer.
Not all the courses are here for you as some were simply eaten too quickly but, you will get the idea. I am no photographer but even my terrible photos show how genius this food is. Yum.


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