Sunday, 25 August 2013

Love Sukin

Every winter it's a struggle to keep skin moist and happy. It is equally hard to make me happy as a customer when it comes to skin care. I have super sensitive skin on my face, sun damaged skin on my decolletage, dry patches on my elbows and a lot of skin otherwise. I am also very fussy about what I put on my skin and what is IN my skin care. We all know that the only thing that really matters to skin is the water we put in our bodies but, sometimes at a more superficial level our skin just needs a bit of help to look its best.
I have recently discovered Sukin at my local pharmacy. I was in buying Herome nail hardener and recommended it to the sales assistant who then in turn recommended Sukin to me. I love that the products list all the things that are NOT in them. All the unnecessary and sometimes bad ingredients that often make up our skin care products. All the products I have tried so far are light, simple to use and effective.
The fragrances used are very natural smelling and again, light so that they do not overpower you perfume or enter a room before you do. The Rose hip Oil (which is having a moment across the beauty counter) is easy to use and light yet rich enough. I would only wear it at night but I often slip it on as soon as I get home to let it take full effect.
The prices on these products is pretty amazing too given that they are so naturally derived. They are affordable enough that, like me, you can take a few home to try and see how they work for you.
Please note: None of the recommendations on this blog are paid comments. The author reserves the right to comment on, and recommend only what she really uses and likes. All products are tried and tested by the author but the products may not have the same results for others.

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