Saturday, 10 August 2013

Touche Hombre

Latin and Mexican food is really having a moment in Melbourne. The days of Taco Bill and Old El Paso being the only offerings for such cuisine are long gone. There is an abundance of choice on offer for foodies to try and last night I tested out Touche Hombre.
This well positioned restaurant in Lonsdale st is a pleasant relief from the dominance of Greek food in this part of town. Nothing will ever replace Stalactites at four am for a souvalaki but, for a proper dinner the bar is raised a little higher.
Touche Hombre has well considered design with an industrial chic interior and lots of Latin influence in the colours and artwork. The sandwich board outside did mention tattoos but I'm not sure where that happened, the was no area for the purpose set aside.
A good margarita is hard to beat, especially in a salted glass. In this case it was a salted enamel mug which was very appealing. They also have authentic Mexican beers that a Mexican would actually drink (Corona is the Fosters of Mexico) and Dos Equis is the one to go for.
The staff can give you well informed suggestions from the menu which are really worth listening to. We wounded up having a lot more than planned but it was so worth it.
Here's a run through:
Fatty Lamb Ribs
Just as they say with a noticeable spice, a delicate sweetness and a chin dribbling fatty quality you will love. The meat falls off the bone.

It's limey, tequila-y, salty and alcoholic. If more really must be said it is delicious.

Rare Beef Tostadas
The flavour was superb on these. The beef was scrolled onto a tostada and was the colour of a sea shell. It was tender and delicately complimented by flavours of cilantro, avocado and lime.

Pork Belly Share Plate
A build you own experience with house made soft tacos, lovely pork belly, black beans, marinated green chili, char grilled pineapple, salsa, avocado and sauteed rocket. It was quite fun the make your own little creations and test out various flavour combinations but ultimately you want to put it all in there and eat. The Touche chef knows the flavours that work so trust in them and consider the ingredients you are presented with as mandatory

Chocolate, chili, Peanut Ice Cream
Two of the greatest chocolate, chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies sandwiching ice cream that was so cream it must surely have been made with marscapone. I don't know for sure but, I do know I will be back for this.
Sorry, there is no photo for this. It was just too good!

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