Saturday, 22 June 2013

Winter Closes In

Winter really closed in on us here in Melbourne this week. Some mornings it was still only 1 degree at 9am, a thing totally unheard of in a climate that can be likened to California. My brother was able to scrape down the ice from a slide and enjoy a snowball fight with his two children which is so quaint it makes me smile to think about it.
While they were out making snowballs I have been inside combating the weather in my own ways. the first is baking. In the last two weeks I have made six cakes. Yes, six and if you know me you have probably had the pleasure of eating one or more of these. This is in part aided by the Kitchenaid stand mixer I got for a recent birthday, it makes it so easy to make a coffee, heat the oven and stand and stare as a cake is made before your eyes.
The other thing I do, (and this is my point really) is light candles. I have loved candles ever since I was a teenager when I became interested in the occult, alternative ideas and ways of living an such and my love for them has never really gone away. the only difference is rather than buying handmade, coloured, recycled hippie candles from stores like Ishka I use some of the most heavenly scented candles from around the world. Here are some of my favourites...

These are so beautiful. I love the delicate colouring of the packaging in pastels. I love that they give you a matchbook to light the candle with. I love that they are given the names of goddess women. These are so feminine they make you want to wander the house in beautiful soft lingerie.

I love the Baies scent in this range. I tend to like sweetly scented candles so this one is perfect. The scent from these candles seems somehow able to float from the candle and scent the room even when it is not lit. Of course, lit is so much better and I relax into the cool, calm scent.

I discovered these in the Kit stores here in Melbourne. The smell is something like a fresh baked cake and white chocolate. there is such an intense sweetness to the Caramel scent. The other essential in this range is Sweet pea. normally, floral scented candles are overwhelming and fake smelling but, the sweet pea candle in this range is beautiful light and fragrant. It is floral without being too girlie.

Please always remember that you should never leave candles near children, in low areas near pets or in an empty house or room. Safety is very important when it comes to flames of any size and just because they smell beautiful doesn't meant hat they can't harm you. Please be careful. 

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  1. I agree with your safety tips. Never leave a candle alone!