Monday, 3 June 2013

A change of Scent

With the change of season it is important to change ones scent. The light scents of summer do not nestle into the woollens worn in the cooler months as they did the delicate cottons of summer.

A summer scent should have a playfulness to it, a gentleness that makes it tolerable even on the hottest of summer days. In summer we are so overwhelmed by our other senses it is especially important to keep scent unobtrusive. A perfume such as Jean Paul Gaultier's classic is wonderful for this time of year, it has exotic references in the scent as well as vanilla and florals.

An excellent option for all year round is Chanel's Coco Noir. this is one of their newer perfumes, launching in 2012. Like Jean Paul Gaultier's Classique, Coco Noir contains notes of vanilla and musk but marks its point of difference with the flowers it combines this with. Chanel uses the rose, geranium and jasmine to give a unique smell.

Dior Addict is a perfect winter scent. It has great depth and strength that sinks into the skin and fabrics to produce a smell that begs a lover to snuggle in to the wearer (or try to resist the urge to). It depth comes from the sandal wood and vanilla but is highlighted by the Mulberry flower and Night Queen Flower both offering up strong unique scents. I am yet to meet a person on whom this perfume does not smell divine.

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