Saturday, 1 June 2013

My store IS Myer.

If you get the chance to visit Myer and have a private viewing of their brand new International designer collection you should take it.

Myer take V.I.P. treatment to the next level and make the experience something very special. They have thought of everything from the invitation to the very personal customer service.
In Melbourne, you will be assisted by Maria or Simone, both are wonderful women who exhibit great style of their own. These women will provide you with a rack to fill with everything your heart desires from the very latest European ranges, all you have to do is wander through the showroom, pick out your pieces and place it on the rack.

While you are doing this, one of the women will bring you a drink to sustain you. Without even asking you your size they will let an unseen assistant know what you want and your size and it will be prepared for you to try on. again, their attention to detail is excellent, every item, from every designer is exactly right for you, they know at a glance what size you will need.
Simone doesn't miss a beat at any level, if you've arrived in a dress and are trying on a top or two, she brings you a pant to put with it so you get a better sense of how it would really look. The same with a  skirt, she'll provide a top so you can get an accurate perception of the look.
You then spend a luxuriously long time trying everything on. The entire change area is yours to wander through. there is a couch for relaxing, natural light and mirrors everywhere to allow you to see every angle. The mirrors and the lighting are very flattering and you are never caught off guard in bad light. Of course, with such expensive items, care is important, your change room will have a scarf for you to drape over your head and face when pulling garments on. this will protect your hair and make up as well as the clothes, for every body's sake, use it.
At the end of all this, your items are prepared for you with no muss or fuss. It is the quintessential retail experience we all long for but few receive. There is no pushing of the product, no hovering at the change room curtain. You are given full free range to chat and compare with a companion if you brought one and at no time do you feel pressured to buy anything. But then, when the clothes are this good, who needs to be talked into buying them?
Please note: Not all the images are original, some are the creative work of other very talented people and I do not claim them as my own.
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