Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Ballet Flats

Plenty of us don't wear them, many of us love them. Here are some of the best of them.

French Sole
these are unshaped so that in a pair there is no 'left' and 'right' shoe, just two shoes. Once you start wearing them they mould to the shape of your feet and become a left and a right. This is quiet uncomfortable at first and you might find them on the wrong feet more often than you like. In addition the sole is totally straight cut so if you have even slightly board feet you will overlap the sole and they are worn through very quickly. the colours and varieties are amazing.

Beautifully made Italian shoes, again with so many colour variations. They are very light and like French Sole do tend to wear out quickly but, they are so comfortable.

these might be the perfect ballet shoe. They have a small heel to stop wear and tear and give the sole a little extra something, the leather is soft but structured so that you feel like you are wearing a real shoe. Love them.

No strictly a ballet shoe but certainly the chicest flat shoe around. Audrey Hepburn wore them, need I say more? Yes? They are comfortable, come in lots of colours and finishes and there is not a Ferragamo that a foot won't love. Invest!

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