Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Classics

Winter has hit Melbourne like a prizefighter this week. It has been cold, wet and miserable and I have been caught sartorially off guard. I have struggled with what to wear all week and have oscillated between cold arms, cold legs or cold feet the whole time. It got me thinking, about what my go to pieces are for any season and any occasion; so, here they are and how to wear them...the Classics

1. The trench coat
If you have to leave the house and are not totally happy with your outfit, you can pull this on and cover everything else up. An instant outfit facelift.

2. The white shirt
Wear yours 100 different ways this winter. Under jumpers, with a tiny vest on its own with a great scarf. Just wear it. Every time you see a new one that works for your shape, buy it.

3. The flared jean
These work on every. single. body. shape. It doesn't matter if you have a little extra junk in your trunk or you're a gym junkie. These work every time (and leather is fabulous).

4. The pencil skirt
Any work day this should be a go to. I can't think of a workplace where a pencil skirt wouldn't look chic. Keeping it just above the knee is key to this one. As far as the top goes, the world is your oyster.

5. The Pump
 A great pump works with trousers and skirts and will make your legs look great. Don't let them get too chunky so your legs stay slim.

6. The flat
When your feet are tired you really must give yourself the time off the heels. Ballets flats are gorgeous but not every girl feels they're for her and that's where the loafer has been a great alternative. They're a bit more manly but good cuts are still fine enough they don't look masculine.

7. The men's watch
A chunky watch is so cool on a woman. It has that 'I just borrowed this from my man' carefree vibe to it and speaks of a certain confidence in the wearer. He might get mad that you took it for a day, but he'll get over it. Try it on for size.

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