Friday, 10 May 2013

Auspicious Audrey

I have always loved Audrey Hepburn. She is an icon of old Hollywood and had a sensuality at a time when most actresses in Hollywood had sexuality. There was something in her eyes that told the viewer there ws more to her characters which came from the fact that there was more to Hepburn herself.
In last months issue of Vanity Fair she had the cover and not one but two articles on her, one, b her youngest son Luca Dotti who is publishing a book on his mother. In the other article there was a quote from Hepburn which I had never seen before. She says 'I have a big nose, and big feet, I am too skinny and have not enough breast. I don't understand why people see me as beautiful. I must have a good mixture of defects.'
This floored me; not even Hepburn could see she was beautiful. It makes me think that the notion of beauty must be so deeply internalised that no amount of adultaion, admiration or distinction can affect the way we see ourselves. There is simply nothing to it but accept and love ourselves for the way we look now and forever.

You are beautiful
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