Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Crazy about Cayman

Last week I was lucky enough to visit heaven-on-earth also know as Grand Cayman Island. This place is divine; you can see fish swimming in the water as you walk along the shore the water is so clear. You step from perfect white sand into blue-green seas and then from sea to tropical island bar.
Not knowing where to focus my stay I headed out early for a coffee (it’s not an Melbourne coffee, I warn you) and asked my barista which beach to go to. He happily gave me his secret location AND how to use the local buses to get me there. Amazing. Some places I have been to people guide information on good beaches like it’s their grandmother’s jewels.
Just like the people, the beaches gave up their secrets too, openly offering up stretches of beach just for me, palm trees to lie under, fish to swim with and iguana to grin at. The water was perfect, the food delicious and the drinks fruity. I was never once surprised by the loveliness of the locals. Most people have an afro-Caribbean background but there are plenty of Brit expats as it is a British colony. Of course, there are plenty of Americans too due to proximity and the greenback being accepted as well as the Cayman Island dollar.
During my time on the island I got to thinking about all the ‘essentials’ for the beach. And so, here is my list of the real essentials for a day of fun in the sun.

1. Sunscreen – Obviously, I don’t care who you are or where you are, you need sunscreen. My dermatologist recommends Neutrogena. Now, I know the sun is different in Australia and you will burn on a beach here but sun damage, no matter where you are, will leave you looking like a Louis Vuitton handbag later in life. A tan, gained through sunscreen is fine. A burn and turn style tan is never good.

2. Bathers – I cannot be pinned down to either a one piece or two-piece. All I can tell you is, wear a different pair each day. This really helps with avoiding ugly tan lines. Wear some strapless, some teeny tiny and some big on the days you need to give your bod a rest.

3. Hat – Keep it simple. Make this a cap in any colour or pattern, just vary it and don’t go too matchy, matchy with your swimsuit, it doesn’t look cool. Right now, I am loving the leopard print cap from J Crew. Get one.

4. Sunnies – A classic is a classic for a reason. I am on my third pair of wayfarers from Ray Ban. I lost a pair, had a pair stolen and have lived in my third pair all summer. Love them. Wear them. Rock them.

5. Sarong – It’s a cover up, a wrap, a beach towel and a bandana for your hair. Mix it up with colours and prints and embrace your inner hippie chic.

6. Bag – I don’t know who came up with a straw bag for the beach but they were crazy. All those holes let sand in and on everything. Get a great leather bag, for me is has to be the Mulberry Dorset. This will carry everything above.

Leave all the other stuff in the room and relax, enjoying your day at the beach.

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