Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Sometimes Make Up

A lady never reveals her age, but I will say that I no longer think of myself when I hear talk of 'young people' and at least some of me gives a sigh that that is the case. My skin, however, does not, rather, it is simply beginning to sigh. For this reason, a few years ago I began wearing make up daily and am now committed to the trend.

I don't think young women should wear make up, nothing should disguise the beauty that is youth and there is no make up in the world that can enhance it. I know young women will continue to wear make up needlessly out of a sense of sophistication but my advice is don't; wait until your age tells you you need it.

Having said that there are grown women who don't wear make up and I respect that but, you must have excellent genes or a superb dermatologist. I have neither (cursed with un-even skin tone) and so I wear it whilst congratulating  those who abstain and I am pleased that there are some of us who do so.

As I wear make up routinely, I also wash my face routinely. I use a fresh face washer each day, sanitised and with tepid water only. I am fastidious about these things and immovable on each point. My Year 10 science teacher would be pleased (and shocked) to know that I did learn something about cells in her biology classes and so I know that none of the products we put on our skin and then wash off again gets absorbed into our skin. It's a simple fact that nothing but water gets absorbed into our skin cells and so all I can ever really do is drink as much water as I can on any given day. This varies but I always do my best to drink my most.

In terms of make up I am, as always inconsistent. Today for example, I was already on the tram before I realised I was wearing just foundation and mascara. No blush, no powder, no eyeliner and yet, I survived the day. not a single horseman of the apocalypse rode past my window and so I do think it is important to be flexible, to change your look and to vary the amount, type and style you wear your make up. Most importantly, wear it because YOU want to, not because you think you should or have to.

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