Saturday, 18 May 2013

Thank you...notes

We all love to hear 'Thank you' and a 'Thank you' note is the very best way to receive it. I often have (or rather find) occasion to write a letter of thanks and I really love doing so.

I remember distinctly as a child, being forced, after each birthday, to sit down and write 'Thank you' notes to all the lovely friends and family who sent me birthday wishes. It started at a time when I was still too young to write in straight lines and so began with me ruling up some cards, composing a practise piece on scrap paper and then showing it to my mother for her approval. I know at the time I would have much preferred to be playing with my gifts than writing notes about them but now, as an adult, I kind of love writing them.

Firstly, they are a reason for lovely stationery. On a recent trip to the U.S. I found many great cards in Target of all places. Plain inside but, bright and colourful and tasteful on the out. I was using them before I even got them home to Australia. I also love a postcard 'Thank you' as this way you can choose an image suitable specifically to the recipient.

Secondly, I know when writing a note that the recipient will always be pleased to get it. I will write a thank you to a person who's job was well done, from a colleague, to a sales assistant to a trades-person. My motto is: Just because it's a job doesn't mean it should be thankless. Many people in my workplace do things that impact directly on me and my job so when they work, I work and I like to acknowledge that.

I sent out 'Thank you' notes this week to someone who lent me a Myki, a wonderful woman who got me great tickets to the theatre and to a teenager who's words inspired me. When did you last send one? Maybe now would be a good time to make someones day...

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