Saturday, 25 May 2013

Now Put Your Hands Up... But only if they look good

Hands are a very quick and easy sign to tell a persons true age. It is so important to take care of them your entire life and the same must be said for nails.

For many years I was a nail biter; an awful, unsanitary, nervous habit I developed. As a result my nails flaked and chipped and cracked constantly. I have tried many different hardeners over the years, most of which simply come off with nail polish remover and leave your nails no better off. That is until I found Herome. If you have weak nails you must get this. It is the absolute best. I swear to you my nails actually feel thicker and stronger. They grow so well now I have to actually have to cut and shape them for the first time in my adult life. I know someone who used Herome for a year and has never looked back, she has hard nails all the time now.

As for the hands, it has to be Estee Lauder Renutriv hand cream. I got turned on to this by a woman with cancer who had the hardest, driest hands you ever saw as a result of her chemotherapy. this cream worked for her and it works for me. I use it last thing in the morning before I walk out the door so it has time to sink in and last thing at night so it's there all night and my hands look great. It has given me an even skin tone without any blemishes or marks and leaves my hands looking healthy and feeling moist.

These two simple products have really helped my hands so, who knows, maybe they will help yours too!

A side note. I also, ALWAYS put sunscreen on my hands, every day, all year round. Sun damage in the worst!

a side, side note. I had started noticing that my summer tan on my shoulders and decolletage was taking longer than it used to fade and was worried about permanent skin damage. The last time I bought my hand cream Estee Lauder gave me a sample of the renutriv face cream and as I have very sensitive skin I used it on my shoulders and decolletage rather than my face. It was remarkable the difference it made so, I also recommend it as a product.

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