Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Help! I need help.

People are quick to bemoan the evils of the Internet, to condemn the use of it as a playground for miscreants and deviants. All I can say is, they don't know what I do.

In the last week the Internet has taught me two valuable lessons. The first came earlier in the week when I finished a gorgeous Mozi candle. I have always hated throwing the glass votive candle holders away but they are typically so smudged with soot by the end that I no longer wish to keep them. In this instance the white porcelain had remained clean and struck me as a perfect toothbrush holder. The problem that remained was the residual wax at the bottom of the jar. That's where the Internet came in.
The solution was very simple and seemed all too easy but worth a try none the less. All I had to do was pour boiling water in, wait for the water to cool a little and the wax would pour out with it. Child's play. The greatest part was it really was that simple, it worked just as promised and I now have a lovely toothbrush holder courtesy of Mozi.

The second time the Internet helped me was preparing for an upcoming Crafternoon. I wanted to make friendship bracelets. Mostly because I love those brightly coloured wrist adornments, in summer they look so great with every outfit and in winter they have the power to lift your mood. I am always reminded of Elle McPherson who wears hers all year around, even with couture and it suites her personality and has become part of her style. Somehow it looks much better than the diamonds and pearls typically worn at these events.
So, I'm not a crafty person and growing up without sisters I never had someone to show me how to make these but now, I have a website that shows me 15 different styles to make  and I couldn't be happier. The Internet IS my big sister, she has shown me what to do in two important ways this week and I have wondered what people would do without her.

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