Friday, 11 October 2013

The Bling Ring

If you are looking for a shopping spree for the eyes you need to watch The Bling Ring. When the expression 'Shop your closet' is used it tends to sound a bit trite but, if you're Paris Hilton or any of the other celebrities featured in Sofia Coppola's new film you probably really can.
The film highlights the level celebrity culture has reached with a group of teens wanting to be near celebrities, party like celebrities and have what celebrities have and it does this with a wonderfully simple technique - by glorifying them even further.
Coppola had the wisdom to not just fabricate the celebrity homes that were robbed but, to also put the celebrities in the film. Some of the victims of the notorious Bling Ring are known for their talents on screen, others are known for their ability to make headlines and sell gossip mags.

In particular, these celebs who are famous for being famous, are shown for being largely unaware of what they have and the need to protect it. Isn't it a wonderful metaphor for their lives. By camodifying their very existence, in no way could they have known the level to which they were letting people into their lives. Had Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian anticipated the level of scrutiny and criticism they would bring to themselves by making themselves known one must question if they would have gone down the path they did. Both women certainly seem to have accepted it and can live with it but, surely it is not always welcome or easy to accept.
Unlike a celebrity known for their singing or acting who are criticised for their skill in a field of entertainment, reality stars are critiqued for the way they live their lives. Multiple celebs have hitched their waggon to Paris Hilton in order to get the media's attention and the teens in The Bling Ring were doing the same thing; they became known for the celebs they were linked to. They were not with Paris on the red carpet but it was known by many that they had been in her home and this was both their making and their downfall.

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