Friday, 11 October 2013


Recently, for the first time in my life I had my eyebrows tinted. Prior to this experience I was totally paranoiid about ending up with two catapillars crawling across my face, staring every person I met in the eye and making me look a freak. I had red that French women have their eyebrows tinted two shades darker than their hair nad this made sense when you consider the number of french women who do not colour their hair but, rather, have long, lustrious locks of the colour they were born with. On the same dy I had my brows tinted I had also had my hair coloured, dark, for the first time in many, many years. I was inspired by  of Australian vogue and my hairdresser did a stellar job of giving me highlits under my top layer for a subtle effect.
The problem was, my hair was now so dark having my brows two shades darker was totally unimaginable. The beautician suggested she start with a brown and then if it wasn't dark enough she would do it again in a darker shade. The first was certainly dark enough for me. The real revelation is really having brows for the very first time. Mine had always been quite pale and fine but now, they are dark and evident on my face. Many people have commented on my eyes or glasses since having them done and I have had to point out that it is  infact my brows that have changed.
I am still adjusting to my new look but I am certain I like it and will definately have them done again.

The above photos are: top: me without make up and below: me with make up and at eh bottome of this post me with make up and eyebrow tint. Please tell me your thoughts

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