Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Party with Georg Jensen

The latest Georg Jensen ad campaign, with Danish singer Oh Land, makes the viewer feel as though they have just burst in on a fantastic, fairy tale, extravagant party. As is photographer Tim Walker's talent, he has captured a moment full of life and movement and energy. There is a language of gesture in this series of images; people in transition, a par de deux, a kiss about to be shared, a laugh about to escape parted lips... With these images comes the undeniable temptation to join in and so, when Georg Jensen beckons, you go.

On a rainy Tuesday night in Melbourne, the Collins st store welcomed guests to join the party and view their new collections. Guests proved their strength of will and enjoyed the welcome respite to view, try and buy the gorgeous new jewels.
The staff at Georg Jensen are superb, not only do they know all about their product but they are passionate about them and the company they work for. There is such a sense of fidelity amongst the staff, they feel more like family than coworkers and Georg is some benevolent Grandfather who likes to ensure all his family (and their many friends) are having a nice time.
With delicious canapes and champagne to sip, it's hard not to be drawn into this happy family event. The store itself is sleek and modern but still feels so intimate, with dedicated spaces for styles and themes the sense of the room one peeks into in the ad campaign is found again in store. It was more surprising that there wasn't an open fire with matching sleepy dog than if there had been such was the intimate nature of the night.
The jewelry, of course, was incredible and leaving those sad orphans behind was the hardest part of the night (although, I must say, one new archive necklace will find its way home to me soon). The striking thing was that the archive pieces from the 1950s look just as contemporary, relevant and modern today. Trying on pieces designed to be work with tea dresses work with a leather jacket and gladiator heels. The timelessness is what has makes Georg Jensen such a relevant designer today. The pieces are heirlooms for and of every generation, to own them is collect past and future history.

The homewares simply can't even be mentioned such is lust they inspire, to imagine a table laid with Jensen pieces is a picture of perfection in elegance and style. A Jensen vase carelessly stuffed with wildflowers is a quintessential modern image and is just how is should be used; with love and respect but integrated into your life.
Visit Georg Jensen and enjoy the world they offer, you will never want to leave.

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