Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Jackpot!

For anyone who has ever struggled to find a birthday gift for their partner, I have hit the jackpot. Every year I obsess about what to get my partner. I ask girlfriends, family, even my hairdresser for suggestions and amongst all that support I usually manage to come up with something pretty good but, this year, I outdid myself.
We have a little dog that we adopted from the pound about five years ago and we have always wondered what sort of dog she is. Almost every time we take her out someone will ask us what she is and everyone has their own opinion of what breed she must be. So, for my partners birthday, I had our dog DNA tested. Any vet can do it although it's best to pre-book so that your vet can prepare and have everything they need. The test itself is a simple blood test and it then takes 3-4 weeks for the result. So you may want to have it done early and get the results for the gift itself. The cost is no exorbitant and well worth it.
They say a dog is mans best friend and now the two friends in my life know a little bit more about each other. More than anything, the gift was really though out and tailored to my partners interests. Having a better sense of who his best friend is has made him so happy as did the fact that I though outside the box to come up with this gift. Because really, that is the most important thing.

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