Saturday, 9 November 2013

Lantern Books - Floral Inspiration

A lovely box of books from Lantern arrived recently and it reminded me of how integral books are in my life. At every point, books serve as inspiration; for thought, ideas, design and style.
In this instance it is Grandiflora Celebrations and Grandiflora Arrangements.
These titles are so inspirational. Since my first quick flick when the books arrived I have been obsessed with flowers. I love fresh flowers in the house but, they are often a cheep bunch from the local greengrocer rather than anything fancy. The greatest effort I make is to cut the stems, fill the vase and plonk on the table. There is a lot more to it than that, I am aware but, I lack the skills. Fortunately, I can still enjoy the flowers.
 I would fill my house with flowers all the time if I could and since the arrival of these books the desire has become much greater. I have found myself checking the buds on my hydrangea obsessively. I photographed paintings of flowers at the Gallery of NSW. I photographed a very type of flower in a park on a recent picnic and I have chosen several Georg Jensen vases from the website to go and purchase on my next visit.
When visiting friends with small daughters I love to bring little posies for the girls. They are always delighted by them. To have a special arrangement in their room or at least just for them. Very young children will pull the petals off and throw them in the air; this is another magic moment. Older girls might be inspired to paint or draw the flowers and some still press them; what is clear, is all enjoy them.
The same must be said for adult women also. I don't know any who don't enjoy beautiful flowers in the home or garden. One wise woman taught me that one must never give flowers without a vase, it is thoughtless, especially at a dinner party or other event where the hostess will have 101 things on her mind and finding a vase for your flowers is the least of them. Either bring them in a vase or, better yet, send them after as a thank you this way you won't spoil the decor.
Here is my recent inspiration, may it inspire you also.

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