Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Decoration and Books

This book has so many dimensions. It offers ideas on great spaces, showcases gorgeous homes, offer tips on furniture and reinvigorating an old piece and even flower arrangements. If you don't know the website you really, really should get familiar with it.
This book has such a wonderful 'London apartment' feel to it. Konig (who has written for Vogue and Domino amongst others and whose mother in design creator Nina Campbell) has such a wonderful sense of style and mixes it with her humour and taste. There are so many great tips in here. I return to it again and again any time a space needs a little pick me up.
If you were luck enough to read Domino magazine before the magazine folded you are luck indeed and know immediately the type of design this book refers to. The use of space in the homes featured in Domino are genius. Like a lounge room with two distinct ares, one huddled around a TV for home cinema nights and another for the sharing of stories and swapping of tales that focus the sitees on each other. These simple but excellent ideas will be found here.
This book is a step by step guide to being your own interior decorator. It gives you all the tools you need to make your home lovely, purposeful and comfortable. The images are brilliant and showcase the work of the author beautifully.
This lovely book focuses strictly on the bedroom and even more so on the bed. The book is not actually based around decorating your room but about all the lovely bedroom bits and bobs needed for a sanctuary of sleep. Any reader will enjoy the whimsy of this; I almost want a friend to get sick so I can send them this book.

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