Monday, 4 November 2013

Dem Hills.

I have just returned from Sydney for a dinner with Vogue and Georg Jensen (more on that later) and want to share some of my highlights for anyone planning a visit.

Obviously, the Harbour Bridge and Opera House are amazing - they aren't icons for nothing and the Danish Design exhibit in the foray is well worth a visit. It includes many quintessential danish design products and highlights the talent we enjoy from our Copenhagen cousins.

The Marco gallery on Oxford st Paddington is well worth a visit. It currently has a portrait exhibition on and shows the variety of talent out there. A highlight is the Brigitte Mcnab portrait of a woman with daisies.

Paddington market is also a great spot on a Saturday. Have breakfast at Crate and then wander around. The market is full of emerging talent and on trend bargains.

The bookstores on Oxford st are very good. Ampersand is a used bookstore and cafe and they do an exceptional breakfast there. The bookstore across the road from there is also very good with mostly new books but some second hand - take a look.

Most of all the landscape is a delight. It is amazing how much more tropical Sydney is to Melbourne. The bright blooming jacaranda are a joy and the variously coloured terrace houses are a delight to the eye. The many tiny back streets are so reminiscent of London and the mews houses you see there.

Expect your calves and butt to recover a few days after your visit as the hills are a great surprise and offer a very good workout. Make the most of it.

If you are off to Sydney, make sure to stop in at The Commons off Oxford st, a wonderful bar that you go downstairs to. Sit back, have a Pisco Sour and enjoy the people watching and the music.

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