Saturday, 7 September 2013

Love Camp Gyno

This is the greatest advertisement of all time. It is a simple business idea, that is, simply genius. I am yet to show it to a person who has not smiled and laughed with it. It takes the idea of Pussy Power to a whole new level. There is not a person who should not watch it. I have so many quotable moments from it, I can't begin to tell you. Nor would I want to ruin some classic lines for you.
Part of me wishes this company was in Australia just so I could get behind it and yet another part of me relishes that Australians are not so conservative that women and men can comfortably buy sanitary wear without feeling the need to hide it discreetly away.
All my siblings and I were expected to pitch in growing up and so my brothers all found themselves at one time or another, at the supermarket buying pads and tampons. They were not ashamed or embarrassed and they had seen the items at home enough that they always got the right ones.
My expectations of a boyfriend have always been the same; if you can't go to the supermarket and buy something for my vagina you don't get access to my vagina It's as simple as that.
My current partner began referring to my period (in his very American way) as 'my friend'. I soon put a stop to that, explaining simply that I had my period and that frankly, anything that made me feel a bit crap for five days was no friend of mine.
If you know any female I urge you to show this to them no matter how young or old. The older ladies will get a great laugh from it and the younger will see that getting their period is not something they should hide.
Great job Hello Flo.

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