Sunday, 8 September 2013

Love Aveda

My hair is transitioning at the moment. For a very long time I have been growing my hair. Long, long, long was my aim. Then, I tired of that and had it chopped off to shoulder length. It terms of colour, this almost obliterated the ombre highlights I had been working. Not a bad thing as I had felt they were dying a slow death anyway. So now I had a slightly graduated cut and the colour is again a work in progress.
But here's my point. The last visit to the amazing Tamara at Lou Salon on Greville st and her first question to me when I sat in the chair was 'What product have you been using?' She could tell immediately that I had switched products and that I had switched to an inferior supermarket brand.
For a few years now I have been a devotee of Aveda. Primarily out of a desire to use products a little more friendly to the planet but also, because of the way they left my hair feeling so good. At the same time I switch to Aveda I also started straightening my hair routinely. Expecting damage from a new, torturous hair regimen it was surprising how little damage there was when straightening was coupled with a high quality product.
In her book, Domestic Bliss, Rita Konig suggests having large bottles of good haircare products in your bathroom to give it an at-home-spa feel and it certainly achieves that. Stepping into a shower and feeling that you are spoiling yourself a tiny bit is so good.
So, switching back to Aveda is an easy decision to make. The result is worth every penny and makes me shudder to think that I ever contemplated anything else.
P.S. I'm off to Tamara next weekend for a post fashion week cut and colour so watch this space for a new look.

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