Saturday, 7 September 2013

Grey Diamonds

For some time now I have a love of black stones. Onyx, agate and of course black diamonds. I have always loved jewellery, a passion I get from my mother who is known for her piled high bangles and jingle-jangle music she make with them. I have especially lusted after this Jan Logan ring after seeing Diane Keaton wear a similar one in The Family Stone. As far as I am concerned the bigger the better when it comes to stones and this fits the bill nicely. At almost six foot I can get away with some substantial jewels yet the same rings true for more petite women too. Just look at Iris Arpfel, she wears some of the largest pieces imaginable and does it with such a sense of individual style.

To add to my obsession I recently discovered grey diamonds, in this case the cut is even more important that others because they can look like dirty diamonds if not treated correctly. The cuts must be large and not too faceted so that you can see the intended colour. They look like an oyster grey when at their most beautiful and remind me of the timeless nature of diamonds.
I was watching a web video of Pamela Love recently, the New York based jewellery designer and when she was asked why she had gone into jewellery and not some other part of the fashion industry she talked about how she was drawn to jewellery because it is purely adornment; she explained that we must all wear clothes and shoes thus rendering them essentials but no one needs to wear jewellery. we do it just for prettiness sake, to feel special and to show wealth and position. This makes jewellery unique and unlike any other aspect of the fashion industry. It is pure luxury and weather given or purchased it does make us feel very special.
 Like Love's pieces jewelry marks out the individual in a much greater way than clothing can; it's more likely to be a one off piece and as a non-essential expresses the wearers character. Jewellery also becomes the heirlooms of our families; past from generation to generation. I have pieces from my grandmother, aunt and mother and with each wearing I feel the strength of these generations of women with me such is their talismaninc power. Pieces made by a far away friend make our distant geography seem so much smaller as a piece of her makes the journey with me on my day.
I honestly can't remember the last time I bought myself a piece of jewellery. I've had my eye on one for a while now, so I think it's time to go and buy it.

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