Monday, 5 May 2014

French Women...Aren't any different to the rest of Us.

So much has been written about French women in the past few years. From the series of books, French Women don't... , to various profiles on Axelle Laffont and Betty Catroux. What is so special about French women? One must ask. The answer is: nothing,
Stylish, beautiful, carefree confidant women can be found anywhere and women reduce themselves and their own capacity by reducing these attributes to some sort of national quality. Any woman can be stylish, any woman can have great confidence and every woman IS beautiful.
This reductive approach to the many positive attributes of a woman prevents women from achieving these qualities themselves. One may simply think 'Oh, I will never be confident, I am not French.' As is confidence is in the water supply for French women to consume.
Any woman, anywhere in the world has the capacity to be anything she wishes. there is no birthplace for motivation and striving to achieve.
What does exist is an environment where women have less negative talk about what they look like, how they feel and what they can do. When women gather in groups and bemoan all their negative attributes they reinforce them. Women need to talk more about what they can do, what they do have and what they are. Not the roadblocks to these achievements.

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