Monday, 5 May 2014

Badda Bing Badda Blog

The Chic Exchange blog has been very neglected over the past month, with real life taking over and there not being even the moment it takes to post a pic. There are no excuses. nor is their any next website design by way of reason to give. It just didn't happen.
Don't we all have day's like that? Where it just doesn't happen.
I was meant to wash my hair - it didn't happen.
I was meant to go to the gym - it didn't happen.
I was meant to call my mum/best friend - it didn't happen.

What does happen when things aren't happening? Communication stops, we stop talking, we stop texting, we stop emailing and we sure as hell stop blogging.

When all this silence is going on and so much in NOT happening what are we doing? If you are anything like me you are learning about yourself. So, here's what I have learnt this last month:

1. When you argue about money with your partner you look like a greedy arsehole.
2. When you argue about money with your partner nobody wins.
3. You can say 'No'  to anything that feels like too much.
4. You are in control of your own life, you just have to take it.

What have you learnt about yourself that other may benfit from?

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