Sunday, 16 March 2014

Personal Styling the Topshop Way

Large stores with a huge range are confusing and often overwhelming. That's why many people prefer a smaller boutique shopping experience that offers a carefully selected range of products that have already been curated by a talented buyer with a good eye. This way shoppers will find a store that they can return to season after season that will offer new interpretations of items that sit well with their own personal style. Christine and Le Louvre are two such stores in Melbourne. Stores like Gorman offer yet another consistent aesthetic that consumers can return to time and time again.

Topshop is the total antithesis of this; it offers multiple trends and a quick turnover of stock to cater to an instant approach to fashion. The stores are vast, loud and so stocked that the racks often have three different styles on them for the shopper to rummage through.

Having a personal shopper changes all this. Samantha at the Chapel St. store in Melbourne is amazing. She takes you around the store, explains the trends and helping you to find what you need. She established your needs first and then guides you to the pieces you might like. Samantha has a great eye, every single item was the right size and there was not an item that was outside the comfort zone.

She spots the customers style and makes suggestions that work with it rather than trying to change it or make it radically different. Frankly, this is the only way to shop at Topshop and it would be wonderful if more stores offered this service. We can't all have a Betty Halbreich in our lives, but, we can try.

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