Sunday, 23 March 2014

Nuclear Testing. Bad for the Environment, Good for Vintage Fashion

The wonderful Hawkeye Vintage recently got their hands on a container-load of new vintage fashion. It tune out that when the French were nuclear testing off the coast of Australia there was a trade embargo put in place and a container bound for our shores was never allowed to be claimed. So instead it sat there waiting for someone to pay it some attention and give it some love.
Almost twenty years later someone did, and all the vintage lovers of Melbourne benefited in a bonanza of Missoni, Courreges and others all at amazing prices.
There was also, an amazing museum room filled with one off pieces from a private collection. All the pieces once belonged to a buyer for Georges so you can imagine that the pieces were so divine. Every vintage lover in Melbourne surely headed the call and found themselves something to take home, some more than others.
In the next few months you will be sure to see a lot of vintage pieces on the street and you can be sure some came from here.

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