Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Body Image

In Betty Halbreich's book Secrets of a Fashion Therapist she talks about how all her clients have body issues. No matter how famous they are or how beautiful they are every woman she meets professionally has a body hang up.
A bum that's too big, hips that are too wide, breasts that are too big/too small, stringy hair and freckles. One of the worst things women can do is create dialogue about their bodies because we compete for flaws.
But, it is important to note that not all of us have these body issues. I can honestly say, I have never stood in front of a mirror and began and monologue of 'I hate my...' Why? Is a huge question.
Firstly, I grew up with males. I am the youngest of four and all my siblings are male. Men don't talk about their bodies in the way women do. They don't critique themselves for the flaws that they perceive. They may discuss muscle and strength and vitality but, never beauty.
Secondly, I was a sick person, I still have serious health issues. And I think that by the attention being on the inside, I never focused on the outside. I am sure the same is true for many ill people.
Really, this is where we should all be focused; on our bodies doing what we need them to do, being healthy, vital and well. Not the lumps and bumps (or lack there of).
I bet any sick person would tell you that if they could change anything it would be their wellness, not their boob size, their waist girth or the frizziness of their hair. Many would be happy to HAVE hair!
Please, the next time you begin a mantra of body woes, stop, take a breath and remind yourself, you are well, able and alive. Relish that and stop thinking about the size and shape you have.

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