Friday, 13 December 2013

Ways to enjoy Summer

There are so many reasons to look forward to summer and to enjoy it. The long days, warm nights and feeling of sun on your skin makes everyone a little less strung out and much more free.

Fruit granita's are sublime, cooling, icy and easy to wander along with, they are the ultimate in summer cool.

Coconut Sunscreen
The smell of coconut sunscreen is instant summer. It is the beach, a tan and swimsuits. Not the terrible Reef stuff but good quality sunscreen that smells of coconut.

Prawns, oysters, fish, it doesn't matter what it is just cook it (on a BBQ of course) and enjoy. Of course, seafood also creates occasion for finger bowls, nothing chicer than a finger bowl.

Summer Fruit
All the berries and stone fruit at this time of year is divine. You can cook with it or eat it raw; it is so delicious. Christmas just couldn't be without the biggest bowl of cherries you ever did see. The plump red fruit with green stem, they're practically made for each other.

An outfit in a item
It seems sinful how many white summer dresses hang in the wardrobes of women all over Australia. Yet, when you realise the ease they offer in summer, it's almost a sin not to have a wardrobe full of them. The fact that you can slip one on and go is like a sartorial miracle after the layer of winter.

Bare Feet
On the beach or in the garden, the feeling of warm earth beneath toes is delightful. Walking barefoot along the beach is a cathartic experience enjoyed by all creatures great and small.

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