Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year!

Chic Exchange hopes you all had a wonderful 2013; that you reached your goals and challenged yourself in new and powerful ways.
What did you learn?
As a new year begins it is full of potential. New Years day is always a time for reflection and meditation on the past and the future. It is easy to focus on all that we failed to achieve but it is very important to think also about what you have done this year. Sometimes just getting through is an achievement when you consider all the obstacles faced throughout the year.
There are also likely to be goals you set that you have now achieved, what do you do with them? Does the bar get raised higher, to harder, better, faster, more? Or, do you move on to a new challenge?
 So take a moment and congratulate yourself on all that you HAVE done this year, and step bravely into a new one.

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