Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Couches and Cushions

Just as the orphans in Annie sang "You're never fully dressed without a smile." So too is a couch never fully dressed without cushion. The straight man in your life may want to kill me for but the gay man in your life will nod in agreement - a couch needs cushions.

I am in the process of finding cushions for my couches right now, it is a task that has lasted four years. There were cushions, lovely, cheerful, inexpensive cushions. But, they were destroyed by the dog. With that phase fully over the cushion reign can rise again.

So the details:

two couches, one three-seater, one two-seater both dark brown leather
one cowhide rug
one vintage danish rosewood coffee table
one man who loathes cushions

The goal:
To lift a very neutral palate with some colour

The essentials:
A mix of textures and sizes
Some plain and some patterned
All MUST be feather filled (otherwise don't even bother)

The ground work so far:
After going (physically and digitally) to ever store to be found or thought of some results have emerged.
Now that they have opened in Australia their lovely feather cushions can be used easily. They also have some excellent chambray cotton cushion covers in a pale blue. Perfect for size and the colour is 'man friendly'
Matt Blatt
The genius at imitation of classic pieces they have the most lovely woollen cushions (feather filled). So already texture and size have the tick and a tonal link has been made. This blue is like the blue of the UN soldiers helmet, a shade Jack from 30 Rock thought more appropriate for an Easter parade than a war zone but, perfect for the lounge room.
When you love the classics and fashion you can't go past Missoni zig zag's for a stylish hit. They are instantly recognisable and offer the pattern factor without being too bold.

Other suggestions:
Marrimeko do wonderful fabrics, all of which can be made into cushions. My elegant mother has these so I was restricted by that otherwise they are a must.
Country Road do excellent cushions each season in wonderful textures, colours and patterns. Always worth a look.

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